The Virtual Assistant – 4 Reasons Not to Become One

Before writing this article I Googled the term virtual assistant and got 2,510,000 results. We’ve come a long way. When I first began researching the possibility of starting my own virtual assistance business in the summer of 2007 I didn’t get nearly that many results. In fact, just 8 months ago it only returned 1, 440,000 hits for the same search. It’s nice to see that at least a portion of those hits are valid, respectable sites giving honest information regarding virtual assistance. However, more and more are popping up describing virtual assistance as an easy work from home job.

I personally get inquiries from people looking to enter the virtual assistant industry; so I know that those five words grab the attention of thousands of people unhappy in their current job situation. In light of that fact, I thought perhaps it was time I shared some of the advice I’ve been giving to others. Simply put, If the reason you’re interested in becoming a Virtual Assistant is listed below…don’t. Don’t become a virtual assistant that is.

1. I want a career that is so simple it practically runs itself. Being a VA requires work. It requires dedication, business acumen, knowledge and expertise in not only computers, Internet and applications, but also in administrative procedures and tasks. Prior experience working in an actual professional office atmosphere is a requirement. Just because you use e-mail, shop online and play Pogo all the time does not make you expert enough to be a virtual assistant. Neither does answering phones for Smelly Shelley’s Seafood Shoppe.

2. I want to do what I want, when I want. As with any home based business, one of the perks is being able to write your own schedule. If you do your best work at 2 am, then you can work then. If you need to be at little Cameron’s Christmas Pageant at 11 a.m., you can schedule around it. But as a business owner you still have to work. And you generally end up putting in more than 40 hours a week. Remember, not only will you be doing work for clients, but you’ll have to invoice, market and work on your own business as well. I’m pretty certain there are few, if any; virtual assistant’s working a true 4-hour work week.

3. I want to get rich quick. Didn’t your mother ever tell you there’s no such thing as getting rich quick? That doesn’t mean that you can’t become financially successful as a virtual assistant, but it requires lots of hard work, setting up multiples streams of income and above all, time. Sometimes we should listen to our mothers.

4. I don’t want to answer to anyone. Sorry, just because you’re the boss doesn’t mean you don’t answer to anyone. If you want a successful virtual assistance business your goal is superior client service. That means listening to and answering to your clients. Sure, you’re the boss, but what good is being a boss if you have no clients? You also should remember that you answer to the IRS.

So there it is. You won’t often find me giving you reasons not to become a virtual assistant as I really love my job and enjoy teaching others about the benefits. Starting a virtual assistance business is just that, a business, and requires time, energy and patience. Lots and lots of patience.

Looking For Cheap DVDs – Let Me Show You How to Find DVDs at Great Prices!

When the digital video disc, or DVD first became available on the public market in the mid and late 1990s, they were delicate pieces of high end technology and they were very expensive. As time goes on, new technology is developed and those luxuries are now every day household belongings. With the release of Blue Ray and Hi-Def technologies, regular D.V.D’s are dropping in price.

Rethinking Storage:
Now, as more and more films are released and restored using digital video technology, deals and sales are a consistent event in the world. Stores and shops offering DVD retail services are able to purchase films in bulk and offer them for sale at a reduced cost. It’s not so difficult to find cheap DVDs anymore.

Join Legal Membership Websites
For the avid film-watcher, a look into membership clubs is well worth it. Some have yearly purchase minimums, some have membership fees and it can take some time before your order arrives. However, these membership clubs are often permitted to give early release dates on highly anticipated films for a slight increase in price. It’s also common to find access to special edition films, anniversary edition films, and even films that are found few and far between in a club’s catalog. Normally, these treasures cost substantially more than the original version in a retail environment, but membership clubs have offers that reduce these suggested prices.

Checking Local Departmental Stores
Another good way to find cheap DVDs is to bin hunt at your local department stores, film retailers and renters or even your local pawn shops. Second hand DVDs could possibly have suffered damage, so be sure to check the disc thoroughly before paying. Often, department stores have overstock and will offer sales or deals not advertised in the weekly flyers. Wal-Mart, for example, nearly always has 3-4 large bins of DVDs at discounted prices.

Hunt For Older Movies
When hit new releases lose their appeal, rental shoppes usually find themselves overstocked. Once the wave of new releases has been refreshed, the shelves that house previously enjoyed DVDs are now stocked with last month’s hit for only a portion of what the price tag read upon release.

Buy Online
With the introduction of Internet based film retailers, cheap DVDs are easier to find than ever. With a credit card, a valid mailing address and a few minutes of one’s day, a brand new stack of films will arrive at your door in only a few days. These companies are said to have less operating cost, so they are able to offer their product at a more competitive price and still earn reasonable profit.

The film industry relies on the hype of release dates. They attract the attention of the consumer and urge them to go and see a movie at the cinema as soon as it comes out. A few months later, the hype reappears when the film is about to be released on DVD to the public and the film is usually priced at about $25 CAN. Patience and awareness can save consumers hundreds of dollars per year in entertainment costs.

DVD Price Comparison []: Search for the film title or TV series from our catalogue and we’ll show you the prices from up to 30 retailers who sell each DVD. Where available, we have provided reviews of the movie or TV series, written by staff at the retailer or our own staff. You can browse DVD titles by category such as action, comedy, documentaries, drama and TV series. On every category page, we’ll highlight some of the bestsellers and new releases, updated every hour.